Cable Seal (DSM – CS001)

Figure – 01

The high-quality DIO DSM-CS01 Cable Seal is made up of a die-cast aluminium body and a non-performed galvanized steel cable. It is provided in multiple cable lengths and diameters that can be applied for any requirement. The cable has a welded tip for easy locking and it needs a special cutter for the removal.

Recommended Applications

Trailers, Tankers, Rail Freight, Containers,
Refineries, Warehouses


Lock Body: Die-Cast Aluminium
Cable: Non- Preformed Galvanized Steel

Available Operating Length

20cm – 400cm


Refer to Figure: 2

Breaking Strengths

Model Cable Diameter Lock Body Dimensions (L*W*T) Tensile Strength (kg)
A 1.5 6*20*6 150
B 2.5 26*20*6 250
C 3.5 26*26*7.5 900
D 5.0 30*38*10 1500


DSM-CS01 is compliant to ISO17712:2013 (E)


Laser marking
Consecutively numbered as standard Optional Customer

Standard Colours

Blue, Green, Yellow and white.
Other colors may be available on request.


Quoted at time of enquiry

Figure – 02

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