Plastic Adjustable Length Seal (DSP – A001)

Figure – 01

The DIO DSP-A001 Seal is a pull-tight seal with a smooth ribbon consists of polypropylene body and a stainless steel spring insert. This seal is designed with or without gripping spikes and a label tag. The unique heat staking technology secures the metal spring insert to the body is an added advantage to see the clear evidence of forced open or cut.

Recommended Applications

Airlines, Cargo, Trailers, Tankers, Rail & Sea
Freight, Containers, Refineries, Warehouses,
Cash bags, Postbags, Valves, Hatches, Lockers.


Body – Polypropylene
Insert – Spring Stainless Steel

Available Operating Length

200mm, 250mm,300mm,350mm & 400mm


Refer to Figure: 2

Tag Marking Dimension


Strap Width



Laser or Foil marking
Consecutively numbered as standard
Optional Customer Name/Logo
Optional Laser Barcoding

Standard Colours

Foil marked: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, white
Laser or foil marked: blue, green, yellow, peach, also black and
Other colours may be available on request.


Standard Packaging : 10 per mat and 1,000 seals/carton

Average Breaking Strength


Figure – 02

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